Here at Rapport, we use our team code to inspire a positive change both individually and as a team. It has had a positive impact on our culture and it’s something we’re all super proud of. It helps us to grow, to work together as a team more effectively, and enables us to always be better.

Hello, Goodbye and Thank you.

A simple gesture goes a long way.

Don’t get slack at conversation.

Digital can’t replace a real conversation.

Fun Sponge.

Positive attitudes only please.

Shout for help, shout to help.

We’re all here to help and we all have something to give.

We love ALL ideas.

ALL ideas lead to THE idea. Diss them if you dare!

Uncle Fester.

Don’t let issues or problems spiral, we’re all here to help.

Take 5.

Reflect, respond and review.

Celebrate Success.

Make the time to celebrate our ongoing successes.


Like the All Blacks - we always strive for better.