By: Chris Teague

Who’s it for: Anyone interested in understanding how organisations change.
What’s it for: Helping make organisational change happen.

The concept of a ‘worldview’ is not a term I’d heard of or considered until recently however, it is a powerful lens to help empathise with your target audience when trying to make organisational change happen. Since learning about this concept, I...

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People Making Better People
By: Anna Callaghan-Leonard

Who’s it for: People who believe it is people who help make better people
What’s it for: To inspire more people to make an impact on others

Our passion is inspiring people to get hands on with positive change.
We see a lot of great stuff and are always on the lookout for new inspiration that...

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Strictly Wheels
By: Chris Platt

We recently found out about Strictly Wheels - a charity set up to encourage wheelchair dancing. Yep, wheelchair dancing. How awesome is that!
Strictly Wheels was founded in 2016 by Paula Moulton and Gary Lyness, who compete for Great Britain at international level.
We loved what they do so much that we asked Paula and Gary to feature in our...

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By: Georgia Rigg

We are a Manchester agency and we’re damn well proud of it! We love our home city and there’s so much inspiration and opportunity around us to thrive from. But we also know that these opportunities don’t come as easy to everyone.
It was Hannah that came across a wicked campaign by RECLAIM and we all wanted to get involved...

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