Unite, Perform, Transform
By: Chris Teague

'One With The Power to Shape The Future' was a kind of annual staff conference. But it had to be much more than a conference, specifically because it was a coming together of two global businesses. As such, their values and beliefs had to be challenged and changed.

The event had three key objectives: To unite two former businesses
as one; to give global leaders the power to perform; and to transform the company
by agreeing shared visions and ambitions.

The objective set was for delegates to leave this ‘activation’ as confident leaders, inspired by the vision, and able to spread the excitement and positivity throughout the organisation. All too often the focus is on senior leaders giving didactic presentations, clicking through PowerPoint’s and, basically, talking at people.

Throughout the event, delegates were challenged on the future of the business,
and the obstacles they will encounter. They got face-to-face with colleagues and leaders, which helped to unite them. They created their own set of common goals, giving them
a greater reason to Perform. And they were inspired by the ability of different voices coming together for a common purpose, helping them to transform.

The ‘Unite’ objective would be tackled through team building and networking opportunities. Our aim was to build trust and unity by encouraging delegates to get
to know each other; to understand their respective backgrounds, their passions,
their aspirations and fears. And ultimately to help leaders from both sides of the merger
see how much they have in common.

The ‘Perform’ objective would be communicated largely through delegate activities.
Our aim was to create an event with 80% of plenary time dedicated to ‘doing’.
Workshops, exercises and group activities, all would allow delegates to define the culture of their own workplace.

The ‘Transform’ objective would be engaged through presentations and activities around the new Vision, Mission and Purpose. In particular, delegates would be made to focus on a point in time, a vision of the future and the businesses place, within it.

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On a scale of 1 to 5, the 170 delegates scored 'One With The Power to Shape The Future': 

Overall conference experience: 4.81 out of 5
Excited about the future: 4.44 out of 5
Clear on key strategies: 4.26 out of 5
Excited about the new Vision, Mission & Purpose: 4.68 out of 5
Made contacts and extended their network: 4.69 out of 5

On the overall quality of the sessions, delegates scored the event:
100% Rate the activation Very Good or above: Most impressively 63% rated it Excellent and 37% Very Good

Delegate feedback included:

“No more legacy. Just one new division.”

“Powerful and real.”

“A flawless execution of theme and content combined with a very positive yet authentic tone.”

“People talked to each other. You see them walking out together to the coffee break. You rarely see iPhones picked out the pockets, which is great. I see lots of engagement between people that work together and don't know each other, so I think that's a huge benefit we're having.”

To understand how we did it please get in touch:
Chris Teague. 0161 236 0770 and over the coming week we’ll share some interviews with our keynote presenter, host and team members.

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