Don’t launch a strategy. Create a movement.
By: Abi Humayun

The power of communication for a winning strategy.

You have spent months, if not longer, creating a strategy. One that you believe will ensure your business is successful. But for your strategy to be truly successful, you need to ensure you transform it into more than just words on a piece of paper. The best way to do this is by creating a movement throughout your entire business through the power of communication.

Here at Rapport, we have a 5 step model we use:

If it’s this simple though, why do so many strategies fail? Well obviously they can fail at any stage in this process.

However, for the purpose of this article, I am going to assume that your strategy is brilliant. You have invested heavily in the creation of it and you know it is the right move for your business for the future. So far so good!

Now for the tricky bit, and where a lot of businesses fall down. Step 2… You have to communicate it. And I would argue that you don't just need to communicate it, you need to go a step further and actually activate people in it.

What does this mean? Well generally-speaking, communication involves telling people stuff. Two-way communication then means people get a chance to ask questions. Welcome to your standard strategy roll-out… some slides, a few senior people talking and then a Q&A session.

But oh, it could be so much more!

You are excited about your strategy; so the best thing for the business is for everyone else to feel your same level of excitement and to think it is the best thing since drag and drop. You want your people to believe your business is going places and to be actively enthusiastic in the journey.

So why revert to the same old ways of communicating? Why not involve people? Why not help people really understand the vision by giving them the chance to actually experience what achieving the vision looks and feels like? Why not get people hands-on with tackling challenges, opportunities and unfinished planning in a fun, engaging way? By doing all of this, advocacy for the strategy will increase and this is the start of a movement. The aim is to then keep this movement alive with regular interventions and check-ins.

If your business can get Step 2 right, then Steps 3, 4 and 5 will be so much easier and the strategy has a better chance of succeeding.

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