So, what is 'People Activation'?
By: Abi Humayun

At it’s simplest; People Activation is what happens when people are inspired to take action in order to create a positive change.

We are all familiar with the phrase ‘employee engagement’, indeed it’s the benchmark for a happy and productive team. However, is it enough these days to simply say that you have people who are engaged? Whilst there is no denying that engaged employees will be inspired to act, it is not the principle focus of the statement. You can be passively engaged, or you can be engaged without needing to take action, as there is no requirement for an action.

In order for people to be inspired to take action, we need to rewind to how people are engaged. People are, broadly-speaking, least engaged by top down information-giving. Conversely, we know that if people are involved in shaping or bringing to life the message, they are much more engaged. However, it is when an emotional connection to that message is created, that the sparks fly and people are most engaged. It is at this point that we see a positive change.

People Activation has a role to play across all stages of employee engagement as this infographic shows:

What is People Activation

It is most effective when forming part of a wider business strategy and, as a result, is regarded as an ongoing campaign and not a “one hit wonder”. Data proves that a live event is a great way to boost engagement if done well, but it is not enough in isolation to create ongoing positive change; there needs to be subsequent, frequent activations to ensure clarity of message and ongoing commitment to it.

Outcomes of effective People Activation can have a transformational impact on businesses. A team that has developed an emotional connection to your company’s vision, values and purpose, will not just exhibit your corporate behaviours, they will be advocates for them, leading by example. This can then impact on sales, efficiencies, performance, better customer experiences and overall how people feel about a business when the chips are down.

Resulting in lower employee churn, lower recruitment and on-boarding costs, higher net promoter scores, growth of product sales, becoming A Great Place to Work, etc. Basically, whatever a business wishes to aim for overall. This is what we mean by transforming business through activating people.

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