Lydia's Placement
By: Lydia Tissier

Towards the end of my 1st year studying Theatre and Performance at the University of Leeds, I realised it would be useful to undertake some work experience. Because like most students, I haven’t the faintest idea of what I would like to do.

Now, you may be thinking 'what is a drama student doing in an agency like Rapport?'
I can tell you that starting my first week working on accounts I was feeling the same way. However, after spending a week shadowing the account managers, I slowly began to understand the process of budgets and other financial tasks. What struck me was the range of transferable skills each position in the company has. Everyone has to have a creative flair in order to work with the ideas from the brief. Each role in the company works so closely with one another demonstrating the strength of Rapport as an agency.

I have learnt such a vast amount in a very short space of time. In my second week I was working with the creatives, and shadowing Hannah (Creative Lead) has been so enjoyable. My time has been filled with extra research for a new brief and an internal brief as well. I never would have known that these types of jobs exist, and as I enter my second year at University, it has left me with a new understanding to the range of jobs within the creative industries.

Before working at Rapport I had little knowledge of what a People Activation agency was or what it did. From working in the agency, I now see it as the driving force in the business – focusing on the importance of people within the company. Pushing them to stand out and continue to enjoy their work. People Activation shows that anything is possible, especially improving the clients’ businesses through creating new perspectives for the workforce.

I have seen People Activation in action from the way the brief is received in Rapport, to the hours of internal meetings and weeks of development to achieve results within set budget and timeframes.

Rapport has taught me that there are creative ways to solve almost anything and if dog Fridays don’t make you want to work with them then nothing else will!

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