2018 – The Year of Employee Experience
By: Joe & Pippa

2018 is turning out to be an exciting year already! Firstly, it’s Year of the Dog (which obviously, we’re on board with) and now Forbes have labelled 2018 as the ‘Year of the Employee Experience’. As we well know, employees are key to a company’s success and increasingly, companies are now starting to focus on their employees as much as they are on the customer. We at Rapport could not be happier with this shift in focus, as People Activation is all about how we solve business challenges by empowering people to create positive change.

The article explains that EX (Employee Experience) is the “sum of everything an employee experiences throughout his or her connection to the organization — every employee interaction, from the first contact as a potential recruit to the last interaction after the end of employment.” This is something that resonates strongly with us all here at Rapport. When we collaborate with our clients on an Activation, one of the main aspects we focus on is the employee/delegate journey from the very first touchpoint right through to post comms. One event, one poster campaign, one film won’t make the business reach their financial goal, or get their name on the top 100 employers list. These days employees want to feel an emotional connection with the organisation they work for. Creating the right culture, which takes EX into consideration at every stage, will ensure these goals are achieved and, more importantly, maintained.

An aspect of EX that really resonates with us is that of “designing and delivering distinctive experiences for employees that are aligned with your desired culture.” Whether it’s uniting 170 leaders in a singular vision following a business merger, connecting 7,000 employees to a company’s purpose, or helping a client improve their customer experience, our number 1 focus is to solve business challenges by empowering people to create positive change. But creating positive change isn’t a one-time thing, it’s a continuous strategic approach that should be embedded with employees throughout their journey.

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