How the All Blacks and Uncle Fester helped us to create a winning culture.
By: Chris Platt

Google ‘company values' and see the same words appear almost every time; integrity, collaboration and innovation.

With every business and every team so unique, it baffles us to see so many now adopting generic values that people just don’t get and expecting their teams to deliver on them.

What if instead of applying generic values and behaviours, businesses actually took a step back and thought about what would work for them in relation to what they are trying to achieve as a business?

For example, The All Blacks. Arguably one of the most successful sports teams in history, have a unique set of leadership principles that don’t much explaining.

'No Dick Heads’ and ‘ Leave the jersey in a better place’ being just two of them.

Inspired by the All Blacks, we decided to create our very own team code, and to do so we asked every employee within our company to attended a workshop. Not just to learn about a new set of values dreamt up by the leadership team, but to co-create a set of principles everybody could live by for the rest of their time with the agency.

You can see our team code here.

A year on and we continue to see our team code going from strength-to-strength. It is being lived by day-in, day-out. And within our office, you will hear daily the team using the words that we created together.

Our culture is now stronger than ever, and this is why we now believe, that a simple approach to creating a team code can work for all businesses, no matter their size.

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