Where The Agile Things Are
By: Natalie English

We were lucky enough to collaborate with Janssen, a pharmaceutical company, on a 'Where The Wild Things Are' themed event at Amsterdam Zoo. Janssen wanted to recognise and empower employees, and asked for our help to bring an agile workshop to life.

The Brief
The workshop needed to be fun, engaging and provide networking opportunities, whilst also educate delegates on the various different agile traits within business. We needed to ensure that delegates understood how they could apply agility to their individual roles, and also feel confident enough to do so.

The Objectives
Give delegates the correct tools for:
• Agile working
• Adapting to changing environment
• Dealing with difficult topic areas

Our Approach
In true Rapport style, we came up with a fun and engaging table-top style activity, placing delegates in a number of different 'Where The Wild Things Are’ scenarios. But with a business twist.
We tasked delegates to work in teams, creating their ‘Ultimate Agile Monster’ in response to different business scenarios using a selection of agile traits. We likened the agile traits to a monster's body and ensured that the scenarios were constantly changing, forcing the delegates to find new ways to adapt.
At the end of the session, delegates had to introduce their ‘Ultimate Agile Monster’ to the rest of the group, along with more information about their hobbies and interests. As the monsters were introduced, we had an illustrator draw the creations in real time, bringing them to life for the rest of the audience This really helped delegates to see how agility can be interpreted and adapted by different groups of people.

The Outcome
Monster 5

We ensured that our idea for this brief was adaptable, creating an activity that could be applied to so many other different business aims. For Janssen we tackled agility, but the activity itself has the potential to cover a whole range of topics and we hope to reinvent our idea in the future to overcome new business problems that any of our clients may face.

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