What’s it like being a new starter at Rapport?
By: Joe & Pippa

The past few months have been a whirlwind. Actually, in all honesty, these past few months have been rather unsettling. When the opportunity arose to move to Manchester and become a Producer, my mind felt like unassembled Lego bricks that had been thrown on the floor by a petulant child.

Even though I knew this would mean a complete change to my life, I couldn’t help but be filled with a nervous anticipation of what was to come. At points I was literally twitching with excitement, but always with an element of wariness. Every now and then it would hit me that I would be moving away from friends, family, my home, my iMac, my really expensive Hi-Fi! My god, what am I doing? It’s only a career right?

Well not really, it isn’t just a career. It’s Rapport - The People Activation Agency. To a lot of people the term People Activation means nothing. To me it means I get to pursue a lifelong passion, day in day out. I’ve always enjoyed getting the best out of people, seeing their reactions when a positive change is made. In fact, as a teenager, my parents nicknamed me the ‘Joetivator’, which may paint a bit of a picture.

So, when the opportunity arose to work with people who are all about enabling positive change, needless to say I was rather excited. To me, positive change is like that feeling you get when you hear your favourite music. No matter what mood I’m in, if I play my favourite records I’m transported to another world. I can feel my mind flood with positive feelings, like a tidal wave of emotion that hits right to the core.

Imagine transferring that feeling to whole work forces and entire companies. Transforming them by presenting creative solutions to their business challenges and engaging their staff to be part of the solution. Exciting right? That's why I knew this was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. That positive feeling is clear to see when you step into the Rapport office or meet a colleague. We all share this passion.

As I sit here on a train back from my first pitch, a couple of words spring to mind about my experience so far: Comfortable. And grateful. The air of not feeling comfortable in my own skin - which I felt at various points in 2016 - has completely evaporated. And I’m grateful for this chance to work in an office full of lovely people, cool artwork, hidden meeting rooms, dogs, endless 80s music playlists and the comfort of my Nike Airs - it's lush!

What’s it like being a new starter at Rapport? If you’ve been in a corporate world, like I was, it’s a strange yet incredibly liberating feeling when you start at Rapport. The freedom you are blessed with is unheard of in a lot of workplaces, but it brings out the best in everyone. I think more work places should try it. Because working at Rapport is akin to being welcomed into a family. A warm, crazy, lovable family that make you feel at home.

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