7 Reasons To Bring Your Dog To Work (Charlie’s Perspective)
By: Charlie (The Dog)

Every time my mummy shouts “Walkies”’ I feel a tingling sensation in my tummy and my tail begins to wag back and forth. Watching my family in anticipation as they search for my lead, I am raring to get outside. Hurry up; I’m ready for my walkies! “Woof!”

That’s when I see it in my mummy’s hand, a glistening black harness, calling me over. I jump in excitement as my tail begins to wag furiously. Walkies!“Woof!” As she walks towards me I sit calmly, waiting for my ticket to freedom. Can we go now mummy?“Woof!”

My nose pressed up to the window of the car, I am standing comfortably on mummy’s lap. I am unsure of where the giant silver machine was taking me but one thing was certain, it was taking forever. When we finally pullup into a car park,I almost immediately shoot up. Going to work is always fun!I can’twait to show off my new tricks!“Woof! Woof”

Only around 8% of companies in the UK are allowed to bring their dogs into work. What a travesty! I can easily think of here 7 reasons to bring your dog to work:

1. Brings Colleagues Together
amy and charlie
Image Credit (Instagram): @sophieezelin

Don’t Amy and I look very cute together? I think so too! My playfulside not only makes people laugh, but also gets people talking to each other. In a working environment having a good relationship with your colleagues is vital in order to help everyday activities run smoothly; being able to build a bond helps people feel more at ease speaking to and helping one another. This means people are not only much happier, but they’re able to get more work done.

2. Relieve Stress and Increases Positivity
The benefits of bringing me to work are becoming increasingly obvious! Companies are starting to catch on and realise that there is a lot to gain, Rapport Agency being one of them.

There is plenty of evidence to show that people who interact with pets like me whilst at work have lower stress levels. On the other hand, those that deprive us see their stress levels increase dramatically overtime; thus making them more negative and less pleasant to work with. I don’t think anybody wants that!

The science behind me being remarkable: Playing with me and/or petting me can increase levels of the stress-reducing hormone Oxytocin and decrease production of the stress hormone Cortisol.

3. Helps Blood Pressure and Heart Attacks
Not only does petting me feel good for the both of us, if you have any pre-existing problems, I can help! Petting me can lower your blood pressure and can increase your odds of surviving for at least a year after having a heart attack. On top of this, heart attack survivors and people with serious abnormal heart rhythms who own dogs, live much longer than those with the exact same heart problems who don’t own a pet. I am literally saving your life at work! You should all pet me more often; we both deserve it!

4. Boosts Work Production for Free
Lower stress equals lower blood pressure and fewer heart problems. How is this related to workplace productivity, you might ask? Well, employees who are healthier take fewer sick days and contribute better at the workplace than those who fall sick often or suffer chronic health issues. Additionally, as people are generally a lot happier with me in their place of work they tend to have more energy in general. This means they’re able to get more work done as they’re completing jobs at a much faster pace. All this at no extra cost!

5. More Exercise – Healthier Lifestyle
In addition to the release of Oxytocin,I can reduce the risk of you getting heart disease for a number of reasons. My friends at work do more physical activity than those who don’t have a dog in their office due to all the walkies they take me on. On top of this, research strongly suggests that Oxytocin has metabolic effects that can help people who struggle to keep the weight off! Lower body weight can have a dramatic effect on improving your blood pressure and cardiovascular health. You don’t need to study for years to get a degree or spend millions of pounds on weight loss anymore!

I think I deserve a belly rub for practically being a doctor, don’t you?

6. I Help Around the Office
Charlie thank you
Image Credit (Instagram): @hanbanxp

I’m very helpful around the office. Just dress me up in an elf outfit and call me your little helper! (Actually please don’t!). One Friday when I was in work I helped by passing around thank you notes.

I’m also known to be an excellent cleaner! I like to go around the office and pick up all the pen lids and scraps of paper that have been left on the floor.

7. Just Look at Me!

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