Reaching The Unreachables
By: Natalie English

Working at Rapport, we find ourselves faced each day with new challenges and opportunities that really grab our attention and spark something within each of us; with some of our most recent activations resonating so deeply amongst the agency that they have kick started our latest team journey, of Reaching The Unreachables.

This journey is our most recent path of discovery, where we hope to find out more about Dispersed, Disconnected and Disengaged workforces, and the new ways in which they can be connected. And why are we heading on this journey? Because we have witnessed first hand the positive effects of unity within business, but yet still continue to see each day the struggles and challenges that businesses face in reaching out to all of their employees. Therefore, we have identified three broad groups of how employee types who we believe may find themselves struggling to feel a connection to their wider business.

The Dispersed:
We ran an event for Astellas Pharma in 2016 where we connected 4,700 of their employees across 16 locations around EMEA via a live interactive TV broadcast, during which, we saw first-hand the positive impact that this short event had on engagement levels across the entire business. For us, this proved that you don’t need to be in the same room as your colleagues to feel a connection, and sparked us all to begin thinking about the new ways in which camaraderie can be created across the globe.

The Disconnected:
We were asked to develop an activation to connect an army of delivery drivers to the wider business and the company’s vision. The challenge with this business was that their workforce was ‘off-grid’, meaning that they didn’t have company phones, email addresses or even computers. They all worked in total isolation from one another. This triggered us to begin thinking about the new ways in which we can utilise other forms of communication for technologically disconnected employees, and whether or not isolated workforces can remain connected.

The Disengaged:
During all of our discussions around Reaching The Unreachables, clients who loved our concept pointed out that we were missing an important category; The Disengaged. The group of people who can be found within any business (regardless of dispersion or disconnection), but who have fallen out of love with their jobs. And for us, this created our toughest challenge from all three employee groups; how do we connect employees to their business even though even though all of the correct tools are already in place?

Over the coming months, we will be heading out on a journey to discover the benefits of unity within business, through speaking with real employees and businesses, whilst also looking at the new ways that we can overcome any challenges that may stand in our way.

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