The Thoughts of a New Starter at Rapport
By: Pippa McGuire

As one of the newest members of the Rapport team, I’ve been asked to write a blog entry about my time here so far. We’re on the brink of our new brand launch so it's a great time to talk about the recent past as we embark on something spectacular…watch this space!

I joined Rapport at a strangely quiet period. Everyone had just about recovered from the huge ONE Astellas project and were waiting the busy period to arrive again. This gave me some time to really observe how Rapport works and an opportunity to meet some of the amazing clients and suppliers that we work with. Navigating myself through all the processes and online platforms for finance and project planning, I slowly began to find my feet.

A few weeks into my new role as Account Executive, I had the best opportunity to get to know my colleagues when we embarked on our All-Agency weekend to Paris. We started the weekend with a meeting on the Thursday where we had a company update, heard about the exciting marketing plan and rebrand project from our new Brand Engagement Director (Russell) and also learnt more about each other.

Because there were a few new faces, we did a 'get to know you' task. On A3 paper we drew 3 things that have defined who we are. With felt tips at the ready, glue and some sequins we were off - we had 10 minutes! That’s a short time when you have to think about 3 things that define you as a person (and that make you look interesting!!) We each had 3 minutes to present back each of our posters to the whole group. This was such an amazing way to learn about each other and provided a great way to spark conversation over the next few days. Paris was… amazing! It was jam packed with laughter, culture, segways, ice-cream, gin and to top it off…Disneyland! I felt like part of the family by the end of the trip and I knew that would be the most important thing as I really got stuck in to my new role.

That’s what Rapport is all about, working together as a team, all on the same journey with the same goals and ambitions. We have a love for our trade and for our clients. It’s the away weekends, charity events, art shows, dog Fridays, and cultural events that we attend (and are encouraged to go to) that makes Rapport the place it is. Everyone is so in sync with each other and I’m excited to continue to learn and become a true advocate for People Activation.

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