Activations of the month - April 2017
By: The Team

People Activation is the action or process of empowering a human being to create a positive change. Or causing increased emotion, activity or desire to change; capable of exerting influence (opposed to passive).

We are always on the hunt for amazing examples of People Activation and have found that the more we look, the more we are blown away by the endless examples that we find. See our favourites from the last month below...

EMMA - the unique magazine providing a homeless hostel with a creative outlet.
Born from a hostel in London, EMMA magazine is ran entirely by its homeless residents. The magazine has created a new outlet for homeless people to redefine their purpose, whilst also offering them a supportive space in which to paint, draw, write and chat.

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Schools for Justice transforms child prostitution victims into prosecutors in India.
Schools for Justice teaches law to victims of child prostitution in India so that they can prosecute their criminals. The programme also highlights that educating and empowering people can help to create the best solutions.

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Guerrilla marketing campaign aims to change public opinion on refugees.
An army of creatives from New York have been attaching branded white stickers to various products around the city's stores, in a bid to highlight the positive contribution refugees are making to their society.

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tableborder 4 hero
Trumps border wall reimagined as a 1,954 mile long dining table.
Created to challenge Donald Trump’s impending border to separate the US and Mexico, this concept has brilliantly reimagined the border wall into a 1,954 mile long dining table to highlight the strength of people coming together instead of being driven apart.

People Activation really is everywhere, and we encourage you to start sharing your own examples across our social media channels.

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