3 months in
By: Natalie English

It's been just over 3 months since I joined Rapport as a Creative and I've just been informed that it's a tradition for new starters to write a blog post summarising their first few months. For my blog, I thought I'd keep it simple and stick with the number 3 theme.

3 things I’ve learned:
What People Activation is. It's all about using creativity to inspire positive change in people and their organisations.
How People Activation works. Providing people with the right tools to realise their full potential.
Why People Activation is my new favourite thing. People are amazing. And when you activate people they get the chance to prove it.

3 things I’ve loved:
Offset Sheffield. A two-day event full of creativity, inspiration and laughter.
Dog Fridays. Dogs are awesome, but dogs are even more awesome at work.
The All Agency meetings. Our weekly Monday morning meeting usually involves lots of random stories and lots of laughter.

3 things I’ve loathed:
The commute.
The commute.
The commute.

3 things I’ve experienced:
Google Cardboard. It turns out I actually prefer watching other people using Google Cardboard. Virtual reality is brilliant and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.
Carpet Bowls. Rapport's Friday night game of choice which I am truly terrible at.
Al-Faisal Tandoori. The curry house down the street serves an amazing vege curry for under a fiver.

3 things I’ve learned about Manchester:
Pigeons here are mean. They like to fly into my head every time I leave the office.
Piccadilly Station is terrifying. Too many commuters in too much of a rush.
The Northern Quarter is awesome. I could spend all day wandering around the quirky bars and shops.

3 things I plan for my future here:
Activate the world. Everybody needs to experience People Activation.
Get a set of drawers. Simple but necessary.
Make it on to the office mural. The amazing wall mural illustrates everybody that's ever helped the agency along the way.

3 things I love about my job:
The people. The team here makes it so unique and I feel very lucky to be a part of it.
The freedom. Approaching things in your own style is something I will never take for granted here.
The learning. Probably the thing I love the most. We are actively encouraged to visit talks, exhibitions and workshops to enhance our skills and spark our creativity.

So that’s that. My first 3 months here has been a blast. Here’s to the next 3!!

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