3 things I've learned and loved at Rapport
By: Emma Carney

I’m Emma - I’m not a novelist, but I am a creative here at Rapport (who kindly let me be queen of the questions for 2 months on placement, please forgive me).

I’d just finished a degree in holds breath Fashion Brand Promotion with Photography at the University of Central Lancashire exhales and within 3 days I had my first day working alongside an extremely talented creative team. Two months later, it’s come to an end and now I’m really sad. What did I get out of this experience?

3 things I’ve learned:

  1. That absolutely no idea is a bad idea, not matter how silly.

  2. What on earth is an experiential activation? What do People Activation do? They inspire positive change in people AND realise their full potential, that’s what.

  3. Thinking outside of the box can really help get you that winning idea.

3 things I’ve loved:

  1. Jumping out of bed knowing every single day would be completely different.

  2. Contributing to creative ideas and solutions while still thinking on the spot, you’re always thinking on your feet!

  3. Inspiration Fridays. Each month the team get together for group incentives, the most current being a task set by a brilliant photographer Rob Watson to explore street photography. As a photographer myself, it was a reminder of what really inspires me to be a creative thinker.

3 things I’d tell myself if I was to do it again:

  1. Don’t think so far ahead when thinking of a creative solution, the path on the way to the final stage is always the most important part/

  2. Remember to breathe, you’re still learning to cross the road.

  3. Invest in comfortable footwear for the daily commute, ouch!

Rapport has given me my first taste of Creative Direction - something I thought I would never do a few years ago. So a huge THANK YOU to the whole team for letting me get involved and be a part of your team!

Best of luck all events and creative grads past, present and future.

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