TalkTalk Consumer ReBrand
By: Laura Gallagher

As well as recently launching our own rebrand, we’ve been supporting TalkTalk on launching their new consumer brand to all employees, ensuring they all become brand advocates.

TalkTalk’s is on a journey to change their brand reputation from Cheap Challenger to the Smart Choice Quadplay provider. Not only had the much publicised cyber-attack of 2015 undermined trust in TalkTalk but consumer research revealed that customers were not happy with the Telecoms sector as a whole. TalkTalk wanted to do something disruptive and proudly stand out from the rest of the industry.

So, they launched their new consumer brand to be more in tune with the needs of their customers and created the values: Simple, Affordable, Reliable, Fair. Easy enough, right? But the challenge was to get all colleagues to understand the changes, and not just believe in the brand, but become advocates of it.

So how did we do that?

We proposed an interactive pop-up exhibition that would tour the main TalkTalk sites, as well as 30 minute workshops that allowed employees to ask all their burning questions. Both focused on three key areas of TalkTalk’s disruptive move: putting existing customers first, Fixed Low Price Plans and the new consumer brand.

Magnetic Lift

We used lift and reveal Q&As, which challenged the employees on how well they really know their existing customers. This ranged from how old they are, to where they live and how much they spend.

Magnetic games

Magnetic games encouraged discussions between the employees to decide what propositions were most popular with a focus group of 1,248 TalkTalk customers. Whilst another launched TalkTalk’s new Fixed Low Price Plans and asked employees to compare TalkTalk’s offers with their competitors (colleagues were surprised to find out, there was only one competitor close to their offers).


The new brand area showed the journey of brand development to really help the employees understand how and why the new brand will disrupt the market. It is much more than the change of a logo. This section of the exhibition gave an insight into the creative, marketing and social strategies whilst also introducing the new TalkTalk family, the Sandifords, who feature in the new adverts.

This connected colleagues to the brand and allowed each one to test themselves andlearn something new.

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