How we used real customer stories to help TalkTalk reconnect employees to their purpose.
By: Natalie English

Through providing simple, affordable, reliable and fair connectivity for everyone, TalkTalk employees are impacting the lives of people, businesses and communities all across the UK.

So when TalkTalk asked for our help in reconnecting employees with their purpose, we knew that we had to use real customer stories to help bring the words to life.

How did we do it?

We spent time with real TalkTalk customers. Real people, businesses, charities, and community-based organisations to learn more about how connectivity provided by TalkTalk is enabling them to flourish.

Confident in our approach, we knew that we would uncover some real gems, but even we were overwhelmed by the responses.

Raw, heartfelt and authentic stories poured out of the people we met with. Opening our eyes to the amazing possibilities that connectivity is creating for people all across the country.

A single parent, international siblings, the father of an autistic child, a community pub and a digital inclusion workshop all brought the true power of connectivity to life.

Shot using a documentary style format, we created an emotive film that perfectly captured the real meaning of TalkTalk’s purpose. Showing employees exactly how their job roles are positively impacting the lives of real people through providing simple, affordable, reliable and fair connectivity for everyone.

The film was met with significant praise from TalkTalk’s 7000 employees and resulted in a 22% increase in employees agreeing that they now feel a stronger connection with the businesses purpose.

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