Activating Our Minds #12

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 2 mins

These are three of the many stories from across the world that have activated our minds and informed our work this week.

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Dove have united with GirlGaze photographers and Getty Images to change the way women are represented within the media. Their collaboration seeks to challenge stereotypical beauty standards and be inclusive of a wider range of unique women from around the globe.


ThisAbles - IKEA

We’re no stranger to a hackathon; getting lots of minds together in one place to come up with ideas in an agreed time frame is a fantastic way to create solutions. IKEA have used this method to develop the #ThisAbles range, designed to make their products easier to use for people living with disabilities. IKEA’s mantra is ‘create a better everyday for the many people’, and they’ve certainly been delivering on this.



Who’s one stranger that you still remember?

It is mind blowing to think of the amount of different people we encounter throughout our lives. We interact with dozens of strangers on a daily basis, but we will only remember a few of them in our lifetime. Chances are, the people that made a lasting impression on us did or said something that we found truly moving. Take a look at this video, and then ask yourself, “who’s the one stranger that I still remember?”