Activating Our Minds #14

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 2 mins

These are three of the many stories from across the world that have activated our minds and informed our work this week.

Step into the canvas

The Carrières de Lumières, an art center Northwest of Marseille in France, is helping to give people a new perspective on the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh. They have launched a fully immersive music and light exhibition where artwork is projected onto 50-foot-high concrete walls. This mesmerising display is inspiring us to think of new ways to incorporate light into our live activations. We hope we get to see it in person before the exhibit closes in January next year.



Counteracting Counterfeits

A charity in Lincolnshire is stripping seized fake items of their logos, and rebranding them so that they can be sent to homeless people, women’s hostels and refugee camps. The “rebranding” factory is helping to give these people back a sense of pride as all of the items are brand new and good quality.


Hands-on Hollywood

Production company Bad Robot’s HQ is a living, breathing workshop that invites people to get hands-on. The engaging reception area encourages people get creative - with colored pencils, large sheets of paper, and idea provoking signs dotted around. Company owner J.J. Abrams’ apparently wanted the workshop to be “really visible so people knew that this was a place where things were being made every single day.”


AOM 14 Hollywood