Activating Our Minds #16

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 2 mins

These are three of the many stories from across the world that have activated our minds and informed our work this week.

Mundane Makeovers

Putting a spotlight on the often overlooked, New York artist Tom Bob uses the street as his canvas. With his ability to see things differently than most, Bob transforms the mundane into playful 3D murals that are full of opportunistic imagination. While some may not be a fan of street art, the impact that it can have on people’s everyday surroundings is undeniable, would you prefer to see a gas meter box or a pink flamingo?



Treasured Transcripts

At around 10 or 11 years old, Dougal Shaw came across a book titled “Conversations with Children.” This book, written by child psychologist R D Laing, documents transcripts of the things he heard his children say. Shaw felt inspired by this and was determined to one day record something similar himself. Fast forward to present day, and he is doing just that. Using the notes app on his phone, Shaw shows another way to get hands-on with capturing precious memories in a way that is future-proof from advancing tech.


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Sustainable hydration

The 2019 London Marathon is thought to of raised almost £1 billion for good causes. With over 40,000 runners powering their way around the route, organisers made sure their thirsts were quenched in a responsible way. This years sustainability campaign tackled the thousands of single-use plastic bottles that can be left behind, by replacing around 200,000 bottles with Ooho seaweed pouches. Water is released from the pouches by biting into them before consuming or discarding the seaweed casing - what a great step!


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