Activating Our Minds #18

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 2 mins

In case you didn’t know, it’s mental health awareness week! So we thought we’d dedicate the 18th Activating Our Minds post to all things mind, body and spirit…

You’re more than a reflection...

We can’t ignore the relationship we have with ourselves and sometimes, we can be our own worst critics. In a social experiment, BBC Three invited people to vocalise their self deprecating, inner-monologues to a stranger - allowing them to gain a different perspective on their thoughts.

The inner battles people can face is further highlighted in Priscilla Hernandez’ powerful poem. Hernandez, a spoken word artist, performed the piece for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 and uses it to express her personal experiences as well as those of others.


AOM 18 Mental Health

Colour yourself happy

There’s no denying the positive impact that getting outdoors can have on improving our mental health. While this may not have been the main purpose of the Manhattan Colour Walk, we think it’s a great way to get people hands-on with their surroundings and encourage exploration. The installation was created by the Colour Factory and celebrates the colours that make New York City unique, from buckets of lavender to green scaffolding - the walk has inspired us to pause and consider the beauty in our everyday surroundings.


AOM 18 ColorWalk Banner

Campaigning for change

Four years ago, 16 year old Greta Thunburg was diagnosed with Aspergers. Instead of this being a source of depression, which it can be for many, Thunburg came to accept that this is a part of who she is and has made it a driving force to inspire positive change in the world. Shocked that people did not share her concerns about the climate crisis, Thunburg sat outside of parliament on a strike from school. Her tenacity and passion has since began a global movement, highlighting that no matter how small or different our voices may be, they all matter.


AOM 18 Greta Thunburg