Activating Our Minds #21

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 2 mins

It’s been a very rainy start to June, so we would like to brighten up your day by sharing three of the stories from across the world that activated our minds and informed our work last week.

Soap with a lump

To combat the 75% of Indian women that shy away from detecting irregularities in their breasts, soapmaker Lux have come up with a clever idea to encourage women to get hands-on (literally) and self-examine. 'The Soap with a Lump' has a visible bump that reminds women to check their breasts every time they bathe. While the distinctive bar dissolves over time, the lump does not - ensuring the lump stays as a reminder until the bar runs out.


AOM 21 Soap Lump

A sign of a warm welcome

When the staff at Dayton Consolidated School discovered that 6-year-old Morie Belange could only communicate in American Sign Language, they took every effort to ensure their first deaf student felt welcome. As well as installing a hearing assistive system and making their classes more deaf friendly, they have amazingly taught their students sign language by hanging posters around the school to help them welcome their new classmate.


AOM 21 Sign

The festival of making

A festival that celebrates all things hands-on? Sign us up!

The National Festival of Making returns to Blackburn next weekend (the 15th & 16th June) giving festival-goers the chance to experience a jam-packed programme of hands-on activities. With a line up that includes music, markets, street food, art, performance, tours, talks and workshops - you won't be shy of things to do.


AOM 21 Festival of Making