Activating Our Minds #22

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 2 mins

Here are three of the stories from across the world that activated our minds and informed our work this week.

Life-Saving Soap Opera

Peru has the lowest number of organ donors in Latin America, however, it has some of the highest audience levels for Soap Operas. When a character dies in a TV series, it gets mass media coverage and becomes national news because of the passion of the people. So when the scripts were changed so that characters from two different series shared an organ donation, the awareness raised was phenomenal. Ultimately, the act of saving a life in a TV show, has, in turn, saved thousands more in real life.

Peruvian Ministry of Health_The Life Saving Soap Operas from Charlie Tolmos on Vimeo.

Ideas That Stick

How do people get hands-on with things?... Ideas. And where do ideas start?... Post-it notes, of course! This illustrative homage to the ever- reliable post-it playfully invites us to consider what we do with those colourful, idea-fuelling squares long after the workshop has ended.


AOM 22 Postit

90 Second Knockout

Anger is caused by specific chemicals being released in the brain. Despite the overwhelming fury, we may feel when we see red, it only takes around 90 seconds for these chemicals to dissipate. A not-for-profit initiative, Take:90, aims to bring this fact to light, and seeks to encourage people in stressful situations to take 90 seconds to knock out any feelings of anger before it gets the better of them.

Prefer a more hands-on approach to dealing with anger?... Design studio ‘donttakethisthewrongway’ have taken to the streets of New York and installed a number of public punching bags to provide a healthy place for people to vent their frustrations.



AOM 22 Punch