Activating our minds #27

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 5 mins

Here are three of the stories from across the world that activated our minds and informed our work this week...

Bags of Shame

Dislike being told what to do? Apparently, it’s human nature. That’s why this Canadian Supermarket thought of a hilarious way to tap into reverse psychology and help give customers a nudge in the right direction. From the “Adult Video Emporium” to the “Colon Care Co-Op”, the store has done away with using their logo on plastic bags in favour of embarrassing slogans. That’s certainly one way to make people think twice about single-use!


AOM 27 Bags of Shame

The Busch Pop Up Schop

Busch beer has jumped on the pop-up shop bandwagon, with a pinch of sarcasm & a twist. A secret forest location, a series of clues, a scavenger hunt & the chance to win a lifetime supply of beer - interested? The elusive pop up opens tomorrow and encourages people to get hands-on with where they think their beer tastes best, the great outdoors. Follow @BuschBeer to crack the clues before you crack one open.


AOM 27 Busch Pop Up

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Latex

As you might have heard, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the first ever moon landing. But did you know the flexible approach taken to create the iconic Apollo 11 spacesuit? In the search for the perfect galactic garment, NASA staged a competition to see who could make the best suit. Underwear brand Playtex stepped up to the challenge and stretched themselves to develop their winning suit in just six weeks, overcoming an abundance of technical challenges and beating out defence contractors in the process.


AOM Latex Spacesuit