Activating our minds #28

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 5 mins

Here are three of the stories from across the world that activated our minds and informed our work this week...

Precious Cargo

Happy heatwave! But while we dash to the supermarkets to stack up on ice lollies, it’s no secret that soaring car temperatures can be fatal for our unattended four-legged friends. That’s where car manufacturers Tesla have stepped in, their new ‘Dog Mode’ feature makes sure that all aboard are kept at a comfortable temperature, with an on-screen message to put passers by at ease too.


AOM 28 Tesla Dog

A New Mission

From one car manufacturer to another, Volkswagen of America celebrate the 50th anniversary of all things celestial with it’s latest ad. Appeasing to space and music fans alike, the film features one of David Bowie’s earliest recorded versions of Space Oddity, and highlights the brands’ connection to the 1969 moon landing. 50 years on, Volkswagen have introduced their new mission - to make the future electric.

The Healing Arts

Can art alleviate anxiety? According to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s, it can. Their new book, The Healing Arts, explores the therapeutic power of art along with the connection it has to our health and well-being. From reduced anxiety and depression to relieving pain, the study highlights the impact our surroundings can have upon us. Nurture - 1, Nature - 0


AOM 28 Healing Arts