Activating our minds #29

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 5 mins

Happy August! On Tuesday it was International Friendship Day, so we’ve dedicated this week’s Activating Our Minds to stories that celebrate the power of friendship.

Be The Mate You’d Want

As life scrolls by, we can all be guilty of not checking in with our friends. TV channel Dave has teamed up with the charity Calm to bring light to this, with a four-minute takeover ad that encourages us to reach out while we have a break.

The ad features 17 comedians who share their hilarity filled views on friendship, along with a reminder to message our mates, and with suicide being the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK, a little nudge to let people know we’re thinking of them could be a stand-up move.

Friendship Knows No Barriers

The border between Mexico and the United States exists to divide their citizens, but as always, friendship finds a way to overcome any barrier. A playful art installation has enabled people to physically connect on either side of the wall, in the form of three bright pink seesaws. While these friendships may have their ups & downs, the connections and borderless bonds that have been made serve as a celebration of humanity.


AOM 29 SeeSaw

Man’s Best Friend

Just as friendship knows no barriers, it also knows no species. Pedigree has brought this sentiment to life with a beautiful animation that tells the story of how a dog won’t let you give up. With an emotional game of fetch, the campaign encourages adoption by demonstrating how our four-legged friends bring back hope and love, when we may have thrown it away.

A dog brings it back || PEDIGREE from Alton on Vimeo.