Activating Our Minds #37

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 3 mins

Happy Friday! We wanted to share with you three of the stories from across the world that activated our minds and informed our work this week...

Post Box Maze Anya Hindmarch always delivers first-class ideas when it comes to thinking outside the box, and the launch of the labels ‘Postbox Bag’ was no different...

With calligraphy workshops and a giant maze that paid homage to the written word, visitors were able to get lost in letters throughout history, with familiar voices and artefacts loaned by The Postal Museum. In terms of people getting hands-on, it’s certainly got our stamp of approval!


Crafting a Community

When João Stanganelli Junior used his skill for crocheting to create a doll his granddaughter could remember him by, he ended up weaving together a tight-knit community of his own.

His bespoke crochet dolls feature unique vitiligo markings that create comfort and representation for many - allowing them to proudly celebrate their condition and closing the loop on any social stigmas they may face.

FIND OUT MORE HERE vitiligo-grandfather-knits-dolls-joao-stanganelli-junior-1-1-5d8088ef765a6 700

Rewarding Kindness

When high school students Kristopher and Antwain surprised their bullied classmate Michael with new clothes and shoes, their actions didn’t go unnoticed. After a video of their exchange went viral, Ellen welcomed them to her show and talked about their inspiring gestures before Will Smith joined and gave them a surprise of his own!

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