Activating Our Minds #4

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 2 mins

These are three of the many stories from across the world that have activated our minds and informed our work this week.

Let Children Get Bored Again

Our team were at TEDx Manchester this weekend and this topic sparked a lot of conversations in the studio. These days we have a constant influx of stimulus that distracts us from tedium. We see boredom as a negative thing, we just don’t have time for it. If the kids complain that they’re bored, we reach for the digital device to pacify their desire for entertainment. However it’s good to realise that boredom spawns creativity and self-sufficiency. It’s when you are bored that you create your own incentive.


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Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2019: We All Win

Although we’ve just looked at the act of boredom as a positive, we love this Microsoft campaign; When technology empowers each of us, it empowers all of us.

The advert shown on Super Bowl Sunday shows passionate young gamers being able to do what they love by using the Xbox Adaptive Controller. It’s a great story about accessible technology that levels the playing field and creates opportunity and inclusion for all of us.

Monzo Mental Health

We love Monzo here at Rapport and this campaign further reinforces that love; Monzo are creating and maintaining a positive mental health environment by being open and inclusive for all of their employees.

“We are a community, and when we stumble, we help each other back up so we can continue to achieve audacious goals together.”

That kind of support is something to be proud of and it sounds like Monzo are certainly making positive change happen within their working environment.

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