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Chris Teague - 1 min

What's it for: Ignoring what isn't urgent or just 'doesn't matter

Who's it for: Those who subscribe to ‘Breaking news’

On a recent family holiday, I ditched all my apps and went 'off the grid' for two weeks. In doing so, I became acutely aware of society's fascination with ''breaking news'' and the need to know what's going on around the world, and the need to know right now.

Most headlines are designed to provoke anxiety, a non-stop bombardment of stories about conflict, corruption, crime, human suffering and of course Brexit. They all take a toll on our mood and our ability to focus.

But how many of these headlines are obsolete by tomorrow, next week, or next month? True breaking news will find you, and the rest 'isn't urgent or just 'doesn't matter.

I've committed to ignore the daily bombardment and to read a weekly round-up instead. By then I can ensure the ''noise'' 'doesn't obscure the important activities or people I want to prioritize.