Designing for Hearts and Minds to Create Real Change

Chris Platt - 1 min

You don’t need us to tell you that today’s world is becoming more and more uncertain. Things are changing day by day, and it can be a struggle to keep up.

For most organisations staying ahead is a constant learning curve. External factors mean companies are continually having to develop new strategies, and bring in new ways of working, all of which can be a lot for people to take in.

When communicating change, it can be tempting to approach the situation rationally. We can often jump straight into talking about what’s needed, without thinking about how we can tap into people’s emotions by really landing the ‘why’, and how this will ultimately benefit people.

The best chance of taking your strategy off the page and connecting with hearts and minds, is by designing experiences that are both relevant and unexpected, emotive and damn right memorable. And yet often we are all guilty of playing things just a little too safe.

People Activation was recently challenged to help a client embed a more agile mindset. So, we applied our employee-experience design skills to develop a virtual escape room adventure.

Take a look - it features a series of interactive challenges, each designed to educate teams about the behaviours they require to stay ahead of their customers’ ever-changing needs.

See the case study here