Does teamwork still make the dreamwork?

Patrick Howells - 3 mins

Remote working, isolation, job insecurity and the rise of the side-hustle economy (1) have each, understandably, contributed to a growing sense of self-prioritisation and the erosion of ‘being in it for the team’. Where once teamwork made the dreamwork, now dreaming of the end of work or a complete change in a career can take precedence.

Over the last few years, successful organisations have been wrestling with the job of uniting people within their organisations behind purpose, to excite large, often disparate teams and bring them together to work toward the same worthy goal.

In fact: Engaging people around purpose, strategy and values remains the number-one priority for more than half of the world’s organisations. (2)

So, how can leaders step up to connect people with purpose and manage the growing friction between a businesses organisational needs and the growing self-agency of its people?

Working hard to help employees connect their 'why' with that of the business cause is no longer a 'nice to have', but is now an absolute necessity. And it takes more than a finely crafted strapline, or 3-minute purpose film to do this.

Successfully bridging the gap between what an organisation's people do day-to-day, and how that work impacts other people in the broader world is crucial to helping unlock energy and camaraderie.

So let’s ensure people are not just focused on their own daily tasks but feel a sense of belonging in helping deliver on purpose. So like the age-old saying; teamwork really can make the dreamwork.

It is a big challenge and nobody has all the answers, but we believe there are a few simple things you can do right now to bring more ‘we’ than ‘me’ to your organisation.

1: Create experiences that give your people the opportunity to connect individually, and as a group, to your purpose.

2: Encourage purpose-related story sharing amongst your employee base, celebrating the big and small things that are driving you forward.

3: Dedicate a day or even a week to the above ideas, if not this, find a way to show, not tell, that you are serious about purpose and uniting your people behind it.


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