Our Legacies

Energisers - 5 mins

What’s It For? Helping people to realise how much time they have left to make a difference

Who’s It For? Individuals

Time Needed: 5-minutes

Materials Needed: One metre paper ruler


Don’t just tell people that they only have limited time left to make a difference, show them.

Our Legacies will create ‘penny drop’ moments for everybody that tries it as we show them exactly how much real time they have left to leave their lasting legacies.

Step By Step:

  1. Hand each person a one metre paper ruler. Firstly ask them to locate their age on the ruler, tearing it off and discarding it.

  2. Next ask them to tear of the end of the ruler from 79 onwards, as this reflects the average UK life expectancy.

  3. With the leftover section of the ruler ask people to tear away one third, as this represents the amount of time we spend sleeping. And lastly ask people to tear the leftover ruler in half as this reflects the amount of time we spend at work.

  4. Referring to the remainder of the ruler, inform people that the amount of numbers they have left from their one metre ruler represents the amount of years they have left to leave their legacy.

Top Tip: Struggling for paper rulers? IKEA have thousands of them!