How to nail interactive

Abi Humayun - 2 mins

Who’s it for: Anyone in charge of organising internal events for employees

What’s it for: Tips to deliver better interaction at employee events

Last weekend was our annual All Agency trip arranged for the whole team to build camaraderie and inspire our work. This year we went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which was undoubtedly inspiring and a really well-organised event.

Given that we create live experiences that get people hands-on with contributing to the success of the company they work for, we mainly selected performances that described themselves as “immersive” or “interactive”.

I experienced some incredible moments, as well as some not so good ones, and it got me thinking.

What is it that makes audience interaction work, and how can we apply this to our company events to inspire employees in the right way? Here are my top tips:

1. Keep it simple Convoluted storylines and complicated instructions can quickly turn interactive into inactive as people lose interest. Simplicity is key for not only getting people on board with the activity quickly but also keeping their attention .

2. Create a consistent thread While storylines shouldn’t be complicated; they do need to exist. A strong narrative can help employees connect to the purpose of the activity. This understanding of why they ought to participate will increase engagement.

3. Don’t be afraid of emotion The best experiences create emotion. People connect with each other, with ideas and ultimately with the business by “feeling” things. You can’t create impact without enabling this emotional connection.

4. Wrap it up Make sure that the interactive experience is brought back to your business message as much as possible, but most definitely that it is wrapped up well at the end. People must feel that their involvement will have a positive impact on an aspect of the business and that it was a worthwhile activity.

If you have any more tips for how to make interactive experiences as effective as possible, we’d love to hear them.