Activating Our Minds #41

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 3 mins

It’s spooky season and Halloween is creeping up on us! So this week we’ve embraced all things scary within our selection! Here are three of the stories from across the world that activated our minds and informed our work.

Monster Topics

For many years, the much-loved show Sesame Street hasn’t been afraid to tackle difficult topics and help young children understand them. They have introduced subjects like divorce, homelessness, autism and most recently explored substance abuse with a little monster named Karli - who’s mother suffers from addiction. The beauty of the show is that it brings to life subjects that people may consider to be adult problems, but that deeply impact children too. Karli joins the gang as part of the Sesame Steet in Communities programme, an online resource helping parents and caregivers comfort children going through tough times.

The Stuff Monster

Ikea often has a reputation for selling disposable furniture. The “this will do for now” furniture, that you keep for 6 months until you can afford something better. From a sustainability perspective, this is completely scary, so Ikea has launched a new campaign to encourage consumers to re-use old furniture rather than buying new. This is brought to life by the Stuff Monster ending on the line “What’s old, can be new again.”

Scary Politics

The Brexit deadline is looming terrifyingly close, with no real clarity on if it will happen or not. On Tuesday 22nd October, the Times and Sunday Times took over Westminster underground station and rebranded it “Westminster Jungle”. The station was adorned with vines, and animals like snakes, gorillas and hippos took over. It reinforces the newspapers’ commitment to keeping readers well informed in confusing times, guiding them through the chaos of the political jungle.

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