Activating Our Minds #42

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 3 mins

We hope everyone had a happy Halloween yesterday! We can’t quite believe that it’s November already! Here are three of the stories from across the world that activated our minds and informed our work this week.

Cadbury: Donate Your Words Shop

In our Activating Our Minds #34 we shared that Cadbury had joined forces with Age UK and donated the words from their famous chocolate bars to help fight loneliness. They have since taken this one step further and opened a ‘Donate Your Words’ shop - where the currency is words rather than money. In the shop, people could choose any item they wanted, and exchange it for a pledge to carry out an action that will help reach lonely older people. It is a great way of getting people hands-on with such a moving topic.


AOM 42 cadbury shop

Neighbourhood Exchange Boxes

The Swiss art collective, Happy City Lab, is on a mission to promote social interaction in urban spaces. They have installed around 80 exchange boxes across Switzerland and France, where local artists paint them and turn them into awesome street art. These ‘take something, give something’ interactive installations are a place to get together and share anything from toys to books and DVDs. They bring neighbourhoods together and help promote contact and connections between neighbours and employees.


AOM 42 Exchange Boxes

Women Have Moustaches Too

Newsflash: Women have moustaches too! That’s right, even though they work damn hard to hide it, upper lip hair is a thing for many women. So, as it’s the 1st of November (and a lot of men are starting to grow the most impressive ‘staches they can in aid of Movember) Women’s brand Billie has joined the movement and pledged to match up to $50,000 of the money they raise in the fight against testicular cancer.

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