Activating Our Minds #49

Pippa McGuire & Jessica Hutchinson - 3 mins

Christmas is nearly here! These activations are definitely pulling at our heartstrings during this festive season!

Camp - Hands-On Store

Camp is making visiting their toy stores part of their customer’s weekly schedule; staying ahead of online competitors and bringing the fun back. By embodying their vision through hands-on family craft activities, this toy store makes visiting a truly entertaining experience, extending the time customers spend in their store up to an average of 90 minutes.


Christmas Loneliness

The Christmas advert competition for 2019 is well underway and each year we see a mixture of tear-jerkers, giggles and politically aware campaigns splattered across our screens.

This year, the beloved Northern classic Coronation Street have teamed up with Age UK, to highlight the fact that, throughout the festive season, loneliness is a real issue. The campaign was driven by the fact that 2.5 million older people feel they have no one to turn to for help and support and this time of the year only heightens the need for this support.

Coronation Street’s immersive advert has already created an amazing response - with members of the public responding with random acts of kindness.

Festive Fuel

Morrison’s is once again showing themselves to be leaders in driving down wastage and single plastic usage with their festive campaign selling “wonky” carrots - positioning them as the perfect snack for Father Christmas’ reindeers. Helping farmers and carrot sales across the country, this new initiative draws particular attention to the huge wastage of fresh produce just because it is “wonky”. And of course, you can grab a paper bag to collect your carrots for Rudolf!

AOM 49 Carrots

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