Activating Our Minds #51

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 3 mins

Welcome to the first Friday of a new decade! We are excited about what 2020 will bring for us all, and want to start the year as we mean to carry on by sharing with you the stories that have activated our minds this week!

Dancing Drones For A New Decade

China decided to celebrate the New Year with a beautiful drone display. Nearly 2,000 drones took to the sky in Shanghai's Pudong district to create a futuristic and low-pollution alternative to traditional fireworks. The drones created various moving shapes including a running man, and the countdown to midnight synchronised all drones through programming rather than individual pilots. The show ended with the Chinese characters for “dream pursuit” which we think is a great way to start a new decade!

Are You Ready For The Roaring 20s?

We’re back in the roaring 20s, and you’ve got an invitation from Gatsby himself to celebrate, by plunging yourself into an immersive theatrical experience! Alexander Wright has moved THE GREAT GATSBY to Immersive LDN in Mayfair. The show has flipped our traditional understanding of theatre on its head and includes the audience within the narrative and theatrical world - ensuring they are actively present in the story. As an audience member, you will arrive at one of Jay Gatsby's infamous parties and be thrown into the story. You need to dress to impress and be prepared for some speciality cocktails, secret meetings and lots of jazz!


AOM 51 Gatsby

Generation Discover Festival

Coming into a new decade brings to life some of the challenges our world is facing. Two billion more people on the planet brings a doubling demand for energy, water and food.

The Netherlands is a knowledge-based economy where demand exceeds supply for engineers, scientists and inventors. These are the people who could make a real difference to the challenges our world faces, and that’s why Shell and BrandBase have created the ‘Generation Discover Festival’. The festival seeks to spark interest from the next generation, by throwing children into educational challenges and interactive adventures that get them hands-on with science and innovation.


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