Activating Our Minds #53

Anna Callaghan-Leonard & Jessica Hutchinson - 3 mins

Here are three of the stories from across the world that activated our minds and informed our work this week...

Immigrant Songs

From learning the alphabet to heart-wrenching ballads, music and songs have the power to teach us a lot about life - which is why we thought this innovative project hit all the right notes.

As 90% of immigrants in the U.S. Southern border rely on the local radio for media - Lawyers and Musicians worked in harmony to tune immigrants into complex immigration laws. By rewriting the lyrics of popular folk songs, the project has reached out to communities and empowered them to learn about the law and their rights.


Bringing Back Boardgames

We know all too well the impact that gamifying content can have. We have built bespoke games using relevant content for many of our live activations and they always generate great energy and results! That’s why we loved this article showing that board-game design is thriving!

The main reasons behind this are pretty simple.

1 - They are played with other people and are social. You can build great camaraderie by learning and playing a game with others. 2 - They give players the opportunity for strategic thinking, which is challenging and satisfying. 3 - They are tangible and get people physically hands-on. 4 - They provide variety. No game is the same, and much like our activations, they are bespoke based on the objectives and desired outcomes.

Long live the board game!


AOM 53 Boardgames

Immersive Instagram

Social media can often feel a little, well, anti-social. Being constantly bombarded with information can leave people in an endless, mindless scroll. So to advertise their latest phone release, Samsung approached social media agency Social Chain to help cut through the noise. Their hands-on ad invites viewers to go on a Bandersnatch style journey that puts them in control of their destination. This refreshing approach to the platform is such a great way to get people engaged and make Instagram feel immersive.

And speaking of immersive, our very own Anna Callaghan-Leonard was around Manchester’s Deansgate while this was being filmed! Can you spot her? (side note, we couldn’t)


AOM 53 Samsung

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