Return to business

Chris Teague - 1 min

What's it for Capturing the powerful stories that embody your organisation's purpose and its values

Who's it for Leaders with furloughed Employees

As the virus evolves and we all eagerly await the post-pandemic phase, many businesses are locked in a reactive phase. Resolving immediate challenges such as remote working, supply challenges, delivering for customers and engaging with employees.

The Smart Ones. The smart ones, though, are also working in parallel on their 'return to business' plan. Initiatives that will be activated as soon as certain conditions change for the better, e.g. a decline in cases, relaxation of social distancing & when testing is widely available.

Camaraderie. High on the list of these initiatives is the need to unite as teams and as a business; particularly those who have furloughed team members. Businesses need to recognise the great work that will have been done to deliver for others in these the most challenging of times.

The camaraderie in this period must not be forgotten. The stories that embody the organisation's purpose and its values should be captured and used to unite everyone in celebration when the time comes.

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