People focussed, Purpose led, Sustainable Performance*

Chris Teague - 1 min

People focussed, Purpose led, Sustainable Performance*.

Activating consumers has been the goal of marketing teams, brand teams and business for generations. Being the brand leader, number one, the best, the biggest, has been the goal.

However, the pursuit of winning is proving to be unfulfilling and unsustainable for people in business. People want to work for organisations focussed on creating better outcomes for others.

Which is where People Activation comes in, powerful experiences that elevate meaning and help change the way people think, behave and perform in their roles.

The businesses who have the highest chance of success, have leaders who not only communicated their intent but have sought to activate their people from the boardroom to the frontline.

Everyone seeing how they fit into the bigger picture and knowing exactly where to focus their efforts, and exactly what they need to do to contribute to the success of that company.

  • Reference; The Infinite Game. Simon Sinek, 2019.

The three pillars of business in the infinite game — to advance a purpose, protect people and generate a profit.

Activate, don’t just communicate.

Our Activation Calculator is a self-assessment tool to help you understand the state of your business and your people/employees, using four key measures of activation: Pride in purpose, Energy, Agility and Camaraderie.

The tool will give you insights, as to where the greatest opportunities are to create positive change in your people and your business.

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