3-Minute Stories

Connecting People - 13+ mins

What’s It For? Getting to know each other better

Who’s It For? Groups of 2+

Time Needed: 10-minutes to prepare and 3-minutes each for share back

Materials Needed: Paper & coloured pens

Tell your life story in just 3-minutes and help people to get to know the real you.

3-minutes stories aim to connect people on a personal level. Creating relationships that run deeper than just work.

Rapport Example: 3 Minute Stories

Step By Step:

  1. Working individually, ask people to consider which 3 moments in their life have shaped who they are today. These can be anything from friends and family members, travelling the world, life changing hobbies, funny memories etc.

  2. With 10-minutes on the clock, ask people to visually represent these moments. Giving each of them an A3 sheet of paper and coloured pens to do so. Let them know that after the 10-minutes is over they will be sharing these moments back with the wider team.

  3. Once the 10-minutes is over, bring the group back together, taking it in turns to share their stories in just 3-minutes with each other.

Top Tip: We recommend keeping a record of these stories for new starters to see, people to revisit etc. To do this simply ask everybody to photograph their paper and briefly summarise their stories before uploading them onto a shared database.