Virtual Activations

Chris Teague - 3 mins

Who’s it for: Virtually everyone

What’s it for: Reaching the unreachables

Ok hands up, we can’t put this off any longer. We need to say something about virtual meetings. They are a hot topic for obvious reasons. They now have a place more than ever and they might just be the new normal.

But there is a danger that the human experience and the things that make a face to face meeting so worthwhile are lost.

So here are 6 ways to help you ensure your virtual meetings add real value to your people and business:

  1. Involve your people. Involve your people in helping to create the content and then make the virtual meeting interactive through voting, live feedback and setting challenges.

  2. Reverse the traditional classroom learning experience. The time you have together is precious so don’t waste it on getting up to date on the latest information, instead use the time to collaborate and have meaningful conversations. The updates can be done by sharing engaging content in advance.

  3. Minimise Risk. Pre-record key presentations to ensure they are professional and accessible just in case there are any glitches, this takes the pressure off presenters and utilises their time and energy more effectively for things like interactive discussion.

  4. Make it fun. Just because it’s a virtual event, it doesn’t mean you can’t create an emotional connection. There is huge value to be had in storytelling, music and creating memorable human experiences.

  5. Make it a sprint, not a marathon. Ask yourself how long your virtual meeting really needs to be, as well as how long your audience’s attention span is. Make sure you keep everyone’s energy up by including mixed content mediums and having regular brain breaks just like you would at a face-to-face meeting.

  6. Maximise your reach. The benefit of a virtual activation is that you have a great opportunity to extend the reach of your messages. So think about who you could invite beyond your core audience and how these people can feed into the experience.