How can we connect beyond borders?

Jessica Hutchinson - 3 mins

Who’s it for: Leaders who want to effectively engage from afar

What’s it for: Communicating from a distance

In current times, communication is more important than ever.

As we all know, effective internal communication is vital to business success, but with current travel restrictions and concerns surrounding the wellbeing of our employees, leaders are turning to online platforms to deliver their messages - which can often dilute their impact.

Getting internal comms right gives you engaged, productive employees, improved performance and a real energy to drive transformation. Getting it wrong can leave people disconnected from the strategies you need them to implement to grow your business.

Faced with a digital dilemma, we explore:

How can we connect beyond borders and effectively engage people?

People are hard-wired to make connections with others. Belonging is a primal need that directly affects our ability to function: at work and in life.

It's a simple series of dots to join: The more we feel connected to others, the more we feel we belong together; the more we feel that our purpose is shared, the greater the feeling that what we do makes a difference; and the more we contribute towards a greater common cause, the greater the success of the individual and the group.

However, while biology, neuroscience and psychology all tell us that we work better when we're connected to other people, modern life seems to have other ideas.

So how can we create a sense of connection online?

Through Activation.

With its ability to engage, inspire and motivate individual and collective change, Activation understands that people want to be part of something bigger than themselves. And they want to feel part of the strategic conversation rather than an afterthought.

Activation harnesses our innate, human desire to connect and releases the energy of camaraderie to transform business cultures. Traditional digital communication is often a one-way conversation: business leaders broadcasting platitudes, with little thought for how their messages are received.

We believe that this shortfall in emotional connection is exacerbated when comms professionals are reduced to conduits for pushing out information as opposed to really activating people as a key part of a change programme. That's where People Activation comes into its own.

From scalable ‘events in a box’ to responsive broadcasts that actively engage with the audience, Activations can tap into the day-to-day emotional needs of people and create shared experiences that break through borders in order to create deeper, more meaningful, more emotional connections between employees.