The Voice inside your head, yeah that one

Chris Teague - 2 mins

Who’s it for: Parents and those who lead others.

What’s it for: Highlighting the power of personal narratives.

Why has it taken for me to be 43yrs old before I realised narratives set your ambition, your drive and your focus. And that you & only you are accountable for this narrative?

The World's Worst Boss: Seth Godin

You are what you believe. This should be taught to every kid, and as leaders & parents I feel we have an obligation to ensure everyone who comes into contact with us knows this fact and chooses to be their own boss not self-employed but in control of their personal narrative and beliefs, in order to control their life and their destiny.

I’ve realised that while you might not be able to have everything you want in life, you can have whatever you want; you just need to commit to it to make it happen.

As leaders/parents we need to help those around us to write their narrative in the face of pressure from peers, teachers, society etc. We need to use influencers to help them see that success isn’t a straight line, and we need to consciously create moments to proactively have these conversations rather than having them when they have reason to question themselves.

Being aware of the narratives we all tell ourselves is powerful when trying to understand how we ‘show-up’ and how we help make change happen.


  • Create a 3 mins talk, offering guidance to your 16year-old self
  • What would you encourage them to do based on your own experience of life, both personal and professional?