We need purpose more than ever

Chris Platt - 2 mins

We need ‘Pride in Purpose’ more than ever.

It's a challenging time, and it's easy to find ourselves heads down being busy. But when we can't get together face to face, it's important to remind ourselves why we do what we do.

Purpose is something people can share. It can knit groups together so they become tribes.

Sharing ‘Pride in Purpose’ is powerful, it can motivate, it can inspire, and it can give us the energy to see us through the most challenging of times.

Here are 3 ideas of how you can keep ‘Pride in Purpose’ at the fore for all whilst working remotely over the coming weeks and months.

Be clear on what you bring to the world.

Remind people of your purpose; now is the time to make sure there is absolute clarity on what you bring to this world; to customers, society and the business.

Make sure your purpose is weaved into all communication. Don't just jump into strategy or tactics; start by connecting everything to your purpose.

Share moments of Pride.

As part of team meetings, you could share real-life examples of how you are delivering on the organisations purpose, for example:

A broadband provider might talk about how they are helping a mother get online and access the homeworking resources she needs. Examples like this will inspire people and make them feel proud. You can use an interactive whiteboard like Jam Board, Miro or Mural to visualise your discussion and capture it.

Connect people to your Why.

Ask your team to consider individually why you do what you do day to day at work. What inspires you and makes you feel proud? Then use together time (virtual meet-ups) to discuss how individual thoughts link to the organisational purpose. Again, you can use an interactive whiteboard to bring your teams ideas to life.