Sprints not marathons

Chris Teague - 3 mins

What's it for: Creating more effective work.

Who's it for: Teams who wish to be agile.

Small changes we make, in the things we do often.

Pitch/tender processes are part & parcel of agency life. In the past, such opportunities would have consumed too much time and energy. Time and energy that was needed to deliver the wonderful projects we were already committed to delivering.

In 2018 we decided to design a better way; we wanted a process that would ensure our energy was invested so each project, whether existing or a proposal received the very best we had to offer. We also wanted to ensure the process was rewarding for everyone involved.

This is what we've learned;

  1. Start the day with one high-priority goal and ensure it is completed within the assigned time. This focus creates clarity and motivation for all.
    1. Accomplish the goal for the day and stop. Tomorrow is another day.
    2. Ban devices. prohibit laptops and smartphones, everyone needs to be 100% focussed/present on the task at hand.
    3. The importance of energy; long hours, fueled by sugary treats, is not productive. Monitor the energy through the day and make adjustments, e.g., a quick walk, frequent breaks, and a slightly shorter workday.
    4. One size does not fit all; it is important as a team to agree on what works best for everyone involved; then continually review and adjust as the project unfolds.

      The overall outcome is, this approach to pitching has helped maintain peak energy, resulting in better and more productive work and fulfilment for all.