Turn Distractions into Tools

Chris Teague - 2 mins

What's it for: Using apps purposefully, not mindlessly

Who's it for: The ‘infinity scrollers’

Following last weeks post regarding ditching my apps to go 'off the grid' for two weeks. I read Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky's book, Make Time: How to focus on what matters every day.

In the book, they use the term 'Infinity Pools' when referring to Facebook, Twitter, email, and the news. They state all are distractions, but that doesn't mean they're without value after all we all started using them for a reason. However, at some point, the habit took hold and checking these apps became our default.

But underneath the automatic routine, there's some real utility and purpose for every 'Infinity Pool' app. The trick is to use them purposefully, not mindlessly. When you focus on an app's purpose, you can change your relationship to it. Instead of reacting to a trigger, prompt, or interruption, you can proactively use your favourite.