Uniting as One

Chris Teague - 2 mins

What's it for: Uniting and celebrating as one business.

Who's it for: Leaders in large and Blue-chip organisations.

Four years ago [April 2016], we created something truly memorable and most importantly, impactful for 4,700 colleagues from 43 offices & 21 countries for a Global ‘Blue-chip’ organisation.

And the approach used then is just as relevant today.

Back in 2016 the very idea of this activation was beyond bold. Today though the technology used to connect the audiences is more accessible and used well can create an incredible storytelling platform for your organisation.

The concept was based on the target audience writing the story and the content for this unique hybrid event. We created the platform for the audience to share personal anecdotes; what surprised them, inspired them and made them feel proud, and 30 days later we’d received 535 stories, submitted in over 20 languages,

We used this content to create 3 x 1hr live segments across one business day; segments of energy, pace, fun, excitement, emotion but most of all, inclusivity for all sites.

The result was a spine-tingling 3 hours; a truly connected audience immersed - laughing, crying and celebrating together as colleagues united by pride in purpose, energy, agility and camaraderie.

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