Your Focus is Priceless

Chris Teague - 2 mins

What's it for: Valuing your prized asset

Who's it for: Everyone looking to make an impact

"Downtime is to the brain what sleep is to the body. When you're fresh, focus. When you're spent, refresh." Dr Michael Rich, Director for the Center on Media and Child Health.

The time you can focus for, not only differs from person to person but for most, is both less than we tell ourselves and is certainly less than others would have us believe.

90mins is believed to be the maximum period of intense focus, after this, the mind wanders, and there are diminishing returns. The key to making an impact is, therefore, to honour our limits and see our days as a series of sprints rather than a marathon or an endurance course.

As the demands on our attention grow  our ability to make an impact depends on us being able to pick and choose what to focus on and what to release.

Your Focus is priceless: choose where you put it wisely.